Frequently Asked Questions

What materials were used?

Colour porcelain. Most factories make either white porcelain or colour stoneware (lower-fired ceramics), but Loveramics’ specialty is th ebest of both worlds: high-fired porcelain in multiple colours.

Will the colour come off?

The glaze is fired together with the body, so it’s highly durable.

Will coffee stain the lower, unglazed half of the cup?

No, as the body is fired at a high temperature, the porcelain is fully vitrified and will not absorb smell or colour. The cups have been tested with soya sauce, squid ink, ketchup, and mustard!

The original protoype was handmade, but the production is not. Loveramics have used moulds to recreate the hand-thrown elements.

Are they handmade?

Dale chose the sizing for this collection based on the drink recipes he used in his 2016 UKBC presentation. There are other sizes and colours available in Loveramics’ other lines, but these sizes best represented Dale’s vision for the collection.

Are there any other sizes available?

Yes, through Loveramics directly, as you can with any of their other collections. Please note that there will be a textural difference on the unglazed area.

Can I customize these?

Shipping is offered based on region and weight, although orders larger than two boxes of six are encouraged to get in touch with us directly before ordering. The cost of shipping to addresses outside of the UK includes compensation and free returns for undelivered goods.

Anything I should
know re: shipping?